The Beacon API is used to send data to a web server in the background. Unlike requests made using other methods, the browser guarantees to initiate beacon requests before the page is unloaded and to run them to completion.

MHPOD now uses the Beacon API as its prefered method of sending your topic progress to the server due to changes in recent versions of Chrome that mean that we can no longer use the traditional "XMLHttpRequests".

The Beacon API is supported by all our supported browsers, however it is possible that Ad Blockers or other browser plugins that you may have installed might block the Beacon API and prevent the successful submission of your content to the server. We highly recommend that you visit the Browser Check page and ensure that your browser has Beacon API Support.

The only browser presently supported that does not support the Beacon API is Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). IE11 is still supported becasue it does not limit the amount of time that a page can spend updating the server when a window is closing.