We try to support the widest possible range of browser, whilst attempting to give our learners a beautiful experience however we can't support every web browser.

We aim to support every major web browser with at least 1% usage in Australia, plus Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).  While the site will work with a much broader range of browsers, our testing and development and support is limited to the above.

You can find a current list of all supported browsers on browserlist.dev.  Here is the list as of September 2011.

2021-09-27: >1% market share in Australia + IE11.


  • Google Chrome 90+
  • Microsoft Edge 91+
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox 89+


  • Safari 14+
  • Google Chrome 91+
  • Firefox 89+


  • Safari in Apple iOS 14 or later
  • Google Chrome 91+ in Android OS 9 or later