A MHPOD Learning Portal Employer Access Token is a token-based authorisation system to facilitate organisational access to the MHPOD topic completion information of their staff who engage with the MHPOD Learning Portal (the Portal). It effectively allows an employee of the organisation to set up periodic transfer of information summarising their history of completed Portal topics.

What organisations are eligible for a MHPOD Learning Portal Employer Access Token?

MHPOD Learning Portal Employer Access Tokens are available for:

  • Public and Private hospitals
  • Emergency Services
  • Community-based health and social services

For further information, email projectmanager@mhpod.gov.au.

How does it work?

  • The Organisation completes the application form which is automatically sent to the MHPOD Program Manager. Once approved, the system generates a Token (8 characters long with letters and numbers) assigned to the organisation and details are added to MHPOD Learning Portal.
  • The Organisation distributes their unique Token through their own process.
  • Employees either register with MHPOD or log into their existing account and update their Profile information with Token details and consent to information being sent.
  • Their completion information is sent to the organisation’s nominated email address on the first of each month in a spreadsheet format.

What information be sent?

The Portal will email a spreadsheet to each registered organisation containing all the completions for their employees for the previous month. If this is the first time a person has been included in the submission, all their completions (no matter when they were obtained) will be included. In subsequent months, only the new completions for the previous month will be included.

The spreadsheet will contain the following columns:

Last Name, First Name, Email Address, Course Name, Attempt, Status, Total Time, Last Modified