This is most likely an issue to do with the government or company network your computer is connected to. Here is some information to pass onto your IT team.

MHPOD uses 2 HTTP Headers during login: "WWW-Authenticate" and "Authorization". Together these form the basis of what is commonly referred to as "Basic Authentication".

When the user tries to login, the server sends the browser the "WWW-Authenticate" header which includes the encryption key that the browser then uses to encrypt the username and password before sending the credentials to the server in the "Authorization" header (normally basic authentication is unencrypted but MHPOD encrypts the credentials using strong RSA encryption).

If you are seeing the error message "Authentication Header Missing" then one or other of these headers is being stripped from the browser request or the server response, most probably by a company firewall or proxy, but it’s also possible to configure Microsoft Windows via registry settings to strip these headers. It’s not possible for an end user to accidentally do this, it’s an explicit policy by an IT department.

To access MHPOD from your current location you will need to get your IT department to allow "Basic Authentication". Alternatively you will need to access MHPOD from a location that doesn’t have these limits.