Here's how you can reset IE11 to Microsoft's recommended defaults



Open Internet Explorer's Options (settings)

  1. Select the cog/gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you have the Menu Bar enabled, you can also reach options from the "Tools" menu.
  2. Choose Internet Options

Reset security settings

  1. Click the Security Tab
  2. Click the Internet Zone (earth icon)
  3. Click the "Default Level" Button (if available)
  4. Click Apply

Reset your privacy settings

  1. Click the Privacy tab
  2. Slide the settings slider to Medium or click the "Default" button
  3. Click Apply, and then OK

Make sure you have web storage enabled

  1. Click the General tab
  2. Under Browsing history, click "Settings"
    • On the "Temporary Internet Files" tab, make sure it is set to "Automatically"
    • On the Caches and databases tab, make sure "Allow website caches and databases" is checked
    • Click OK

Empty your cache

  1. On the General tab, under Browsing history, click "Delete..."
  2. Make sure:
    • Preserve Favorites website data is UNCHECKED
    • Temporary Internet files and website files is CHECKED
    • Cookies and website data is CHECKED
    • The other settings are up to you, however to fully purge all your cached information, check all the remaining items

Refresh the page

  1. If you still have the options panel open, click "Ok" to close it
  2. Then click the refresh button in the address bar (it's an icon that looks like an arrow shaped into a circle) or press Control+F5 on your keyboard.

Lastly, reset your zoom

As a last step, we recommend you reset your zoom settings to 100%. To do this, hold down Control+0 (control and zero). You can always bump the zoom back up again, but we recommend you start at 100% and increase the font sizes as required.

Hopefully you should now be good to go